Thursday, August 4, 2016

Giantess Rap3s and Eats You Vore Fetish Video

Custom Vore Fetish Video.

You are on the sofa, just opening your eyes and you try to scream and get away, but i have made sure you are now paralized. I put on my strapon because i know you do not want to get fucked up the ass. So i even want to do it more. I start fucking you against your will and eat a slice of cheese. I will also make you cum, so i wank you while i have my giant strapon up your ass. After i make you cum, i shrink you down and i put you between two slices of cheese. I will eat you slowly and enjoy every bite of my just fucked victim!

Giantess Rap3s and Eats You (HD MP4) and Giantess Rap3s and Eats You (HD WMV)

You can get your own custom video made by Claudia Webcam from Holland or visit my store for existing videos.

Giantess Rap3s and Eats You (HD MP4) and Giantess Rap3s and Eats You (HD WMV)

This video contains vore fetish, giantess,shrinking,strapon,cheese,devour,fucked against your will,pov,claudia webcam from holland.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Benson & Hedges Red 100 Video

I am only wearing stockings and am wearing red lipstick. I lite up my benson and hedges 100 with a match. I inhale and see the cigarette is not burning properly so i lite up again with the same match. I throw the match in the astray and start smoking. I blow out the smoke and am really enjoying this benson and hedges..
Benson & Hedges Red 100 (front)(HD MP4)

For more smoking fetish videos: Smoking Videos and Cigar Videos

Also you can book a skype fetish session with cigarette or cigar.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lick My New Heels and Big Strapon Video

I show my new high heels, and am wearing my pvc corset, wetlook stockings and a very big strapon. I tell you to come closer, so you can lick my shoes. Suck my heels you little slut! Then i want you to suck my big strapon dildo, it turns me on seeing you like a submissive little whore. I ofcourse want to fuck your slutty asshole, so bend over and let me fuck you. After i fucked you i let you suck the strapon again, i know you love to taste your own ass!

Lick My New Heels and Big Strapon (HD MP4)

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Skyprivate pay per minute

When you open an acount on skyprivate you can not only pay by creditcard, but also with payza, Ideal, paysafecard and Mister Cash. Also Bitcoin, CLICKandBUY and sofort banking are available to load your skyprivate acount.
When you make an acount make sure you use the same skype ID as the one from wich you will be making calls, otherwise it will not work.
You pay as you go, so contact me before the session so i know what we will do, if you want a fetish or hardcore porn session the price is different from the "normal" session.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Toys

I have many different toys as you can see on the picture.
I have a lelo vibrator and wand, buttplugs and different sizes and colors dildos.
I still have some in sight, wich i will buy soon! I love my vixskin bandit for deepthroat,
and for my other holes ofcourse! My docjohnson big black vibrating dildo, and pipedreams huge toys.

These toy above are at the moment the biggest ones.
The can of soda next to it shows how huge they are!
The pipedreams white dildos are 10 inch (25.4 cm) long and 2 inch wide (5.1 cm)
and 11 inch (28 cm) long and 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) wide.

And i have my wall of sm toys. I have whips, handcufs rope, ballgag, knippleclamps with and without weights,and nippleclamps with a chain.
I also have two speculums and ofcourse medical gloves.

I probably did not name everything i have, so for a session just ask me what you want me to use,
so i can get it to play with in our skype session.

Ofcourse i am always looking for more toys to play with, and maybe not always write about it, so just ask!

Big kiss!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hiccups and dildo blowjob video

Short hiccups video from Claudia Webcam from Holland. I get the dildo pretending i am sucking your cock, and i found out that when you deep throat while having the hiccups, it stops......
Hiccups Dildo BJ (HD MP4)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Topless Match Lighting Marlboro Video

I am topless and start of with lighting matches. I let them fall , and tell you that if you want you can lay down so they will fall on you. I pretend i hold them very close to your balls and cock and it gets harder with every match i light. I get a marlboro red 100 cigarette and light it up with a match. I drop the ashes where i drop my matches.Yes, you can jerk off and cum.

Topless Match Lighting Marlboro (HD MP4) and Topless Match Lighting Marlboro (HD WMV)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Watch mommy smoke roleplay video

This video was custom made as it was a request:

Script:Its a POV roleplay clip and you play the part of a sexy Mommy teasing her adult son with her sexy smoking.

In the clip you are wearing sexy black lingerie and high heels. You confront your son as you think he has a smoking fetish but he denies it so you force him to watch you smoke. You blow your smoke in his face and tease him asking him if seeing mommy smoke like a sexy slut turns him on. Hes so embarrassed seeing his mommy like this but mommy is so turned on. You order him to take out his little cock and you laugh at it cos its so hard for mommy. You tell him he is going to be lighting all of mommys cigarettes every day from now on and you are going to seduce and tease him every day with your smoking.

You say you know your smoking makes him weak and submissive for mommy and he will do whatever mommy says when shes smoking so you are going to seduce him into licking mommys pussy every day. Especially after youve been having sex with other men.

You smoke some more and order him to jerk his cock for his sexy mommy until he cums. Then you order him into mommys bedroom and say its time to have sex with your mommy while she smokes!
Watch Mommy Smoke (HD MP4)

Sweet Saliva Glass Video from Claudia Webcam from Holland

Custom idea: You show closeups of your mouth which gets fuller and fuller with saliva. You talk about the sweet drink that you are preparing in your mouth, during that we can see the saliva flow around in your mouth. You show how your mouth builds up a real ocean that grows bigger and bigger. This part should take at least five minutes, try to gather as much saliva as possible. Then you drool all your saliva into a glass cup to show how much you've collected and to offer it as a drink. You show closeups of the saliva in the glass, and if you want, of your wet mouth again. If you want, you can do this as a contest together with another girl: the fullest glass wins. All this with pure natural saliva from your mouth. No hocking or coughing up, no food, candy or chewing gum, no toothpaste, no lipstick or gloss, no smoking. Just the sweet taste of your pure saliva.

Sweet Saliva Glass (HD MP4)

You can also email me on or skype me for your own custom video or personal skype session.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ex Boyfriend Cheese Vore Fetish video clip HD MP4

Custom video:

We broke up some weeks ago but today you asked me to visit you one last time. I have no idea why but have the little hope that you may want me back. Now I am sitting in your living room (or in your kitchen) and you tell me why I am here. You dont want me back, you have a new boyfriend since some time. He is a very jealous Giant and he wants to be sure that you are done with me. So he asked you to get rid of me for good. If not, he would do it himself. You are very heartless with me and tell me that you dont care who is doing it, as long as I die today. You can do it now and you show me the cheese,maasdam and gouda, or I can wait until your bf is home. I am looking very sad, so you offer me a last handjob if I dont make any trouble and let you eat me right now. I finally agree and you start to jerk me off while you eat a first slice of cheese and explain how your sharp teeht will chew me up. Afer a while your phone rings, it is your bf, he wants to know how I made my decision. You tell him that you are just preparing me and I will be gone when he is home. You end the call and finish me off. After I cum you eat me up as usual.

Ex Boyfriend Cheese Vore (HD MP4)

If you want your own custom made fetish video clip, you can always contact me on skype or by email wich you will find on my website

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy and horny new year!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Duct taped struggle and deep throat blow job video

I am naked and duct taped on the sofa struggling to get my hands free.I have nipple clamps with little bells so you can hear them when i am moving and struggling. When i see that you are watching me, i fear the most! With the fear in my eyes i struggle even more to escape. You tell me it is ok, that i do not have to worry, and that you will not hurt me.I have to sit up, and suddenly you have your cock in front of me after taking away the tape from my mouth.I need to thank you for saving me, and you like your cock to be swallowed.First i have my hands still behind my back, but i get them loose myself so i can suck your cock even better.I take it so deep that my spit goes down on my tits and my eyes get red and with tears.I swallow your big cock to much at some points, white foam comes out of my stomach(I puke a little).You tell me to stop now, and that i can clean myself up.

Duct taped and deep throat blowjob (Full HD MP4)

Duct taped and deep throat blowjob (Full HD MP4)

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shoejob with nike air max 90

This is the same recording as the pov You come in the bedroom and see me laying on bed without panties under my short skirt.I do still have my nike air max sneakers on. You get out your cock and start talking to me. What do you want darling, i am really tired.Because i am facedown i do not see that you are there with a hard on.I lift my head up to look at you.Ohhh you are horny babes?I lay down on my back and tell you i still have my shoes. Ishow them to you and ask if you want to take them off. You say that you like them and i can give you a shoejob with them! I lift up my top and skirt so you can see my hard nipples and wet pussy. I stroke your cock with my sneakers and touch my self. While i give you your footjob i tell you that you should have brought a toy for me, so i could have played with myself so we could cum together. Mmm you like my black nikes, yes? Can you imagine your cum all over them? I want you to cum on them, don't be scared of making them dirty!

Shoejob with Nike Air Max 90's (MP4)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sexy Marlboro Red 100's Masturbation Video

I am on my sofa wearing a nice top and garterbelt with black nylon stockings and my high heels. I light up my marlboro red 100's cigarette. I open my top so you can see my hard nipples. I am not wearing any panties so i can touch my pussy. I insert my fingers and lick of my pussy wet. I keep smoking my cigarette while spreading my legs and play with my clit. I feel so sexy knowing that you are getting off by watching me in my sexy outfit while smoking.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Double Filled with dildos video

After having a very hot webcam session i wanted to go on playing....I have my pussy and ass filled up with my two big dildos, the biggest one is in my ass...i love it, i moan very loud while riding these nice cocks. You can see closeup while riding them in my pussy. Also i recorded close up when i am riding it backwards, so you can see the big dildo in my ass. I am so filled up in my holes i even orgasm and moan a lot during the whole clip.

Double Filled with Dildos (HD MP4)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Vacuuming pieces of glass

I dropped a glass in the kitchen and already made sure it is on one side only.I am wearing pink socks so i will not cut my feet while i clean up. I start vacuuming on my knees ony using the hose. When i finish clearing all the glass on all fours i get up and i play a bit with the hose on my nipples and pussy.

Vacuuming Pieces of Glass (IPHONE MP4) or more of my vacuum clips here

Saturday, September 26, 2015

POV sneaker footjob fantasy clip

You come in the bedroom and see me laying on bed without panties under my short skirt.I do still have my nike air max sneakers on. You get out your cock and start talking to me. What do you want darling, i am really tired.Because i am facedown i do not see that you are there with a hard on.I lift my head up to look at you.Ohhh you are horny babes?I lay down on my back and tell you i still have my shoes. Ishow them to you and ask if you want to take them off. You say that you like them and i can give you a shoejob with them! I lift up my top and skirt so you can see my hard nipples and wet pussy. I stroke your cock with my sneakers and touch my self. While i give you your footjob i tell you that you should have brought a toy for me, so i could have played with myself so we could cum together. Mmm you like my black nikes, yes? Can you imagine your cum all over them? I want you to cum on them, don't be scared of making them dirty!
Pov Sneaker Footjob Fantasy (MP4)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Period zits showing video

I just came out of the shower and have my towel wrapped around me.It is almost my time of the month.I show you my face where i have two clearly visible spots.I just had a shower so i am without make up.a My period is gonne come very soon.I should have had my menstruation already by my calculations on the calender, and the zits are the sign it can come down any moment now. I dry myself with the towel and rub some oil on my skin.
Also i make custom period clips, just check out here how to order

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Late night hiccups and dildo play video

I just got in from seeing some friends and have the hiccups. I am in the kitchen and go to my sofa so i can play with myself. I get a nice dildo and start fucking my pussy while hiccuping. Then i do something silly and the camara drops on the floor and my hiccups are gone after. 720p (6:55)
You can see the preview of the video in my clip store here:

Late Night Hiccups and Dildo Play (720p MP4)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Big Black Cock Fantasy POV clip

My new big dildo, a almost real black cock has arrived.I am wearing a short skirt with no underwear and a top, and my nike air max 90 sneakers. Oh my, your cock is so big! I do not know if that will fit! I take down my top and play with my tits around your cock. I lick him and start sucking it. It hardly fits in my mouth. I try to push it as far as possible and make some gagging sounds while deepthroating. I keep on looking at you while passing my tingue around and try to swallow your huge dick. After the blowjob you want more. So you want to fuck? I lift one leg and put your cock in my pussy. Oh my, it really fills up my tight pussy! I love it. After fucking i lick your cock clean, and just do not want you to go, i want more of your big cock.......HD 720p (9:33)
Big Black Cock Fantasy POV (720p MP4)

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amateur Porn Videos Package Deals

These are special summer packages with my amateur porn videos. They are mostly recorded in 480p.
You can pay with and giftcard by sending them to and also i would need to know wich package you want and where i can send you your download link.

Most clips are as i said in 480p , and most of them are mp4 and some are in wmv.

I have made different packages from different categorys

Footjobs, 8 videos $20 (15 eu)
Nike sneakers sex 4 videos  $20  (15 eu)
Outside sex 5 videos $10  (7 eu)
Blowjobs 15 videos  $25 (20 eu)

I have more packages to make, as soon as the videos are uploaded you can see them on my profile here or you will read about in my blog.

Vacuuming my new sofa video

I have been furniture hunting, and still do not have everything i need, but at least i finally found my new sofa! In this clip i am wearing a black pantyhose and vacuuming my new sofa, and ofcourse playing with my pussy with the strong suction.Pantyhose Vacuuming (720p MP4)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lesbian girl on girl this week on !

This week from 14:00 untill 18:00 i will have my bisexual friend Vanesa with me for hot lesbian sessions on skype!

Me and Vanesa are bisexual and will french kiss eachother with lots of tongue, lick and suck eachothers nipples and tits, ofcourse we eat out eah others pussys ans ass, we use dildos on eachother and maybe you have your own fantasy wich we can make true!

Also if you want to dominate us we are available for you, just tell before the show as the prices vary!
If you have other desires like fetish sessions, we can lick eachother feet for example, air max fetish and so on, add us on skype,!

For a normal hot lesbian session with two girls including anal we charge 6 dollars a minute, or 4 euros.

You can see preview videos of us in my store here:Lesbian Shower Fun (720p MP4) and here POV Blow job two Girls (720p MP4)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Preview video

I recorded with my logitech c920 webcam a new preview video to show you how i look now( the other video is just over one year old already!) and ofcourse to show you the good quality of my webcam and the proper lighting i use for a better image quality.

I am finding new play partners, i am really busy on working everything out like having schedules so that you know when it is possible to book a couple or lesbian skype session. As soon as i made the schedules, you will read it here and on my personal website

My new play partners apart from playing naughty on skype, the also record fetish and horny porn videos with me, i wish i could split myself up so i could work around the clock... it is just so much fun, and i have, or we have endless ideas for clips to record but just to little time to spend together!!

I hope everybody has a great (and full of sex) week, i know i will do my best!!!

Lots of kisses,
Claudia Webcam from Holland

Friday, June 5, 2015


This summer i am going to have a big sale on all my amateur porn clips! They are mostly in 480p, and i prefer to remake them in HD.
I have been looking for a replacement-cock, and untill now i did not have a lot of luck...yet..
But it is summer time now, wich means everybody is more horny so i guess i must have more luck this time a year!
I already lowered some prices,in the categorys amateur and blow jobs in my clip store. Some other categorys wich i will work on these days by lowering prices are:
Cock tease
Condom blowjobs
Home Videos
Public blowjobs

So, keep on checking my store for all my old clips, i do not know when i will take them down, but i hope i will be able to replace them very soon with nice HD porn!
So do not miss out on the big discount!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Panty Rubbing on Clit Wearing Nike Air Max (HD)

Clit teasing while wearing a thong, i pass the thong between my pussy lips and against my clit. I take off my top and skirt but i leave my nike air max classics sneakers on. On my television you can see a clip of me giving a blowjob and getting fucked doggystyle while wearing my nike sneakers. I tease my pussy by pulling my panty and rubbing it against my clit. I can feel it on my asshole and i can not take it any more, i need your cock! I get a dildo and get on the table doggystyle and fuck my pussy untill i have an orgasm.  HD 720 p (11:28)

Panty Rubbing on Clit Wearing Nike Air Max (HD MP4)
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Free downloadable video!

This week if you book a skype session with me of a minimum of 10 minutes i will give you a free hd video of me playing with myself! 
The video you get for free is hd (720p) and i am wearing my nike air max sneaker. I am double penetrating myself with two dildos, untill i cum. 

Do not hessitate to ask me about it when buying a skype session!

Have fun! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

9-4 thursday 02:00 online on Chaturbate!

So i will be live on chaturbate thursday night (european time) at 02:00. So that would be actually friday morning.

I will be alone, no couple show but we can still have fun with all my dildos and hitachi. I will take privates, but i do not mind showing everything for tips!

You can sign up for free using this link: chaturbate sign up

I hope we have fun , as i always am available for skype sessions, but i also like to meet new people and give them a chance to get to know me better!

Lots of kisses,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hiccups Fetish Clips

Click on the link below for a preview:
Breakfast Hiccups (MP4)

I woke up early and i make my breakfast. Suddenly i get the hiccups. It was a while ago when i had the hiccups so i get the camara and even believe a few times it already stopped, but it did not. I continue making my breakfast and talk a bit about the hiccups while i yawn a few times because it is so early.          720p MP4 (18:39)

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nike Air Max Double Penetration Dildo

In this clip i am wearing my white nike air max classics,white socks, a short denim shorts and my nike air t-shirt. I take my shorts and shirt off and starts playing with myself. I get one dildo for my pussy, and later i decide i want double penetration so i get another dildo for my ass. I suck my pussy dildo and tell you how nice it tastes.Finally i fuck myself  anally to an orgasm and tell you we will cum together.

To see the clip preview: Nike Air Max Masturbation (720p MP4)

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POV blowjob smoke blowing

I am wearing my black knee high boots and a red fishnet dress. I am smoking a marlboro red 100 and give you a blowjob. I blow out the smoke on your cock while havong it in my mouth, i exhale the smoke out of my nose while having your cock in my mouth or just blow it right on it. I talk dirty and make you end cumming in my mouth once the cigarette is gone.
MP4 9:44 minutes 720p

To watch the preview click on the link: POV Smoking BJ (MP4 720p)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I want to pee my jeans! Desperation video

Desperation video of Dutch Claudia.

I have been desperate to pee, so i run to the toilet , pull down my jeans and sit down. I am saying i have hold it for hours, and really must go pee now.Then i think..i like to pee my jeans. So i stand up, zip up my jeans again, and go standing facing the camara. I cross my leggs and tell that i hold it up so long that it gets hard to pee. Then i let go, and i wet myself. I show you the back of me when i finished, and i tell you that i will pee my pants more often!

To see the preview of this clip go here: I Want to Pee my Jeans (MP4)

 I want to pee my jeans!

Desperate,desperation,pee,peeing, i love all these topics and do not mind to receive clip ideas, or if it is another fetish then pee, for ideas or custom video,just send me an email to

Thursday, February 26, 2015

POV Dirty Gagging On Dildo (Full HD MP4 and WMV)

POV Topless dildo deep throat gagging wearing red lipstick. In this video i  am deep throating and hold the dildo in he back of my throat so long that i really really gag...and my stomach content comes up a few times and you can see me puking. Lots of spit and slime and sloppy. I tell you at the end that i love you to cum in my mouth!
Dirty Gagging (Full HD) (MP4)
Full HD MP4 1080p (9:05 min)
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POV Topless Dildo tiefe Kehle Würgen tragen rote Lippenstift. In diesem Video bin ich tief in die Kehle und halten Sie den Dildo in er Rückseite meiner Kehle so lange, dass ich wirklich wirklich würgen ... und mein Mageninhalt kommt ein paar Mal und Sie sehen mich kotzen. Viele Spucke und Schleim und schlampig. Ich sage Ihnen am Ende, die ich liebe dich in meinem Mund cum!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Desperation Pee in Kitchen, Full HD MP4 and WMV

In this video i am naked in my kitchen and i am making a cup of tea. I need to pee but i want to finish my tea also. While i am waiting for the water to boil i jump around and cross my legs trying to hold it up. I continue shaking my ass and jumping while i finish making my tea. Then i just can not hold it anymore and spread my legs and just let it go and feel the warm urine sliding past my legs untill i am standing in a puddle of pee. What a relieve..i leave with my tea feeling happy as if nothing happend.

Full HD MP4 1080p (3:08 min)

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 Desperation Pee Kitchen

Desperation Pee in Kitchen(FullHD) (WMV)

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Full HD WMV 1080p (3:08 Ich bin nackt in meiner Küche und ich mache eine Tasse Tee. Ich brauche , um zu pinkeln , aber ich möchte meinen Tee auch zu beenden. Während ich warte auf das Wasser zum Kochen i springen um und kreuze meine Beine versuchen, sie aufrecht zu halten. Ich weiterhin schüttelte meinen Arsch und springen , während ich fertig , meinen Tee. Dann kann ich einfach nicht mehr halten und spreizte meine Beine und lass es einfach gehen und fühlen Sie den warmen Urin vorbeigleiten meine Beine bis ich bin in einer Pfütze von pee stehen . Was für ein relieve..i Urlaub mit meinem Tee Gefühl glücklich , als wäre nichts passiert .

Desperation Pee in Kitchen(FullHD) (WMV)