Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New cam partner, a fuckbuddy of mine who i ran in to after a few years.....

This saturday 29th of march i have my cam partner for real horny live sex on skype!!!!
Meet my new toy for live shows, very soon on skype !

Yeah, very soon i can offer live sex shows on skype again!

Live blowjob, doggystyle ,cowgirl, anal, facial, cum in mouth, creampie and more.....

More information this week!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The girlfriend session

In the girlfriend session apart from being cheaper then the other session i offer, you get to really get to know me, we will be without a rush and chat or talk and i will answer everything sincerely.

As a former prostitute i have seen lots of things, also i had lots of people telling me their storys and problems,it could have been sexual or relation issues, in general a lot of daily things in our daily life.
I am not saying i know everything or that i am a psychiatrist, but i will always give my opinion like i would to my friends, and i believe we sex workers are more understanding then a head doctor.

So in stead of the normal sex and porn show, i would like to give you a change to get to know me better , just like i used to give to my former clients in the hooker business, the girl friend experience.

What we will do in the time you get, is talking and chatting, i will do a striptease and i will give you a happy ending with either playing with my tits, licking my nipples, fingerplay or/and dildo play in my perfect pussy.

Price will be only 1 dollar / 0,80 euro a minute and from a block of 10 minutes and upwards.

Here you can pay at

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I now have my pics and videos on

It took me a little while to get used to the platform, but i finally did it, and now i love it. I think its a fun site with lots of other nice girls from amateurs, milfs,young and old, beautifull and even more stunning girls.


Claudia Webcam / DutchLoca

Friday, January 10, 2014

My horsecock dildo.

Yes. I do have a dildo that looks like a horsecock. Also i have the "bengali tiger" wich i do not even know what it is suposed to be, first i thought it was a claw, or a nail of a tiger, but i now do believe it is like a cats dick.
Now i want to explain why i bought them.
I did not go in to the sex shop and said, yeah...that horsecock turns me on...
No no. My father had a friend who always bought up stocks and sold it again.
We still have contact after my dad died, and one day he phoned me and said(he knows my line of work) i have 2 boxes with sex stuff.
First i thought, no,i bet it will be shit. After talking on skype a few times he convinced me to have a look at it, and i went to see after him showing a few dildos on skype.
The content of the boxes where worth a lot of money, i could tell strait away, it had nice clothes, huge vibrators,lingerie the whole lot. Really expensive stuff, and he did not want a high price, so i took it with me. Not everything was my size, but the things that were, were nice.
So, in those 2 boxes, also were those weird dildos.
I would never spend 80 euros on a weird cock like the bengali tiger,but it just came in with the deal.
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session with lots of dildos and vibrators

Claudia webcam links dildos in show

Monday, December 23, 2013


I have had so much stress, i do not even want to think about it any more, as i am now very happy in my new place, and cant wait to have sex again! Tomorrow for sure, but maybe tonight i will be online again as usual!
The stress is gone now, i just need to adjust lighting and set up, and then i will have a horny christmas and a horny ending of 2013!

Also i will work on my site and i will write on my blog there.


Sunday, December 1, 2013


My new fuckbuddy for live show, very soon on skype!

While camming on skype i play alot with my dildos. I love to give blowjobs, seeing someone having so much pleasure makes me horny even more! I love to twirl around your dick with my tongue while giving a blow job,so do not be shy to ask me!

Fingerfuck i also do, hell when i am really wet lots of fingers will fit, thats why i also have my super sized dildos. When playing with them i do not even use artificial lube, i am wet enough of my own.
I am not always able to fit them in, it does not fit after one minut, it takes a little playing, but if you encourage me just as i will do with you, then we will have such a hot show! Anal is also something i really love since i was 17, and it really turns me on being watched while making it gaping!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ideal paysafecard clickandbuy mistercash

Check out my new personal site:

Now i can also accept payments through ideal, paysafecard, clickandbuy, mistercash, ukash and webbiling.
Go to for payment for normal show and HERE for porno show 

Je kan nu ook met ideal betalen, paysafecard,clickandbuy,mistercash, ukash and webbilling.
Ga naar om te betalen voor normale show, and HIER voor hardcore porno show.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I just wanted to remember everyone for the discounts you can get when signing up HERE on skyprivate , a very good payment processor where we can set a price per minut or do prepaid.
Everyone who joins thru my sign up link, will get a discount on for example couple show or i can give you extra time on my solo show!
Always tell me on skype ( that you have signed up for a special discount!
Lots of licks where you want!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I also have KIK for sexting now,ask me for prices!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I have a wishlist on and also i can take giftcards! Click HERE to go to my wishlist!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I am fighting with the design, but i also am on tumblr now!

Friday, November 1, 2013

For sale

A site i am on to sell videos and pictures is 
I already sold some custome made videos before, but now i am really liking this place as i can also upload existing things and get more people for custom jobs.
You can place orders or contact the girl you like to discus what you like her to make.
I like the site for lots of reasons,for example when you placed the order the money is kept by the site untill the job is completed. Also people rate how the job was delivered, so you can get to know alot of the seller and also the buyer has his details so i can know if he is a serious person.
There are lots of diferent girls and i think everybody is welcome with all kind of  fetishes on

Monday, October 28, 2013

Skype status set on busy.

I would like to explain why my status is on ocupied most of the time.
If i leave it on available, i will have lots of people talking about the weather or what ever.

I am not a bitch, its not that i do not want to chit chat, but sometimes i am just to busy for that.

If someone is a client already, i will also tell him if its possible to talk a bit, or not, and many of my virtual "friends" ( that is how i see you all, like i explained before,i did escort and provided the girl friend expercience,i do the same on skype with GFE) can back up my story, as we had chit chats without me getting paid.

If someone never booked a show, and still tries to chit chat every now and again, i will either:
1. block him, or 2: ignore him after reading in skype chat: hello, how are you?

What happends if i ignore someone.....after the frases: hello how are you, nice to talk to you, what did you eat, what are you that case, i ignore, and will not read the chat with that person anymore while i am busy, so then they ask me finally , can i have a show? and i will not read it untill the next day.

So my advice always is, just ask straight up what you want, at the end it is first bussines, and after it is play and fun.
You are not being rude if you do not ask how i am,and just ask for a show.
When i go to a shop i also ask for the product i want, i do not bother a sales person with stupid conversacion. He will not be nice to me at that moment. Especially not after living that all day long, with to many people sucking up your time.

So, my point, when you see me on skype , and my status is busy or away, just start the chat, and tell me what you want.
If i am not in a show at the very moment, i will always answer and we can start having fun!

Lots of kisses! XXX


I would like to introduce you to Bob. Bob is my partner in the live couple show. He is not my real partner,not my fiancé neither is he my husband.

He is a good friend of mine,he is Dutch,single,loves a tongue and finger up his ass from time to time and enjoys eating pussy and fuck.
So from being my good friend, one day we (i) decided to also try out sex together,so we became fuckbuddys,because we both had a good time, without any strings attached. So we know eachother very well, so we know how to turn each other on,and also where the limits are from one and another.

We both love to have sex in front of the cam, otherwise we would not be doing it!
It is very hard to find someone to work with in front of the camara, especially a man, because if his dick wont get hard, i have a problem with the person who booked show.
I know i will not have that problem, as Bob is a tipical 35 year old..........: always horny.

When someone wants a cumshot of Bob, and i know that he just came before, i will also tell honestly.
I do not like to get money without being able to give what is expected.

Bob will not be available 24/7 365 days a year, but the days that he will be i will tell you always in the section couple show

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Live sex pictures

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Claudia and Bob

I do live sex shows on skype, with Bob. (pinch here to know more about Bob)..a friend and fuckbuddy of mine.
We will be together from time to time,and in our show i will suck and fuck, he can lick and do me doggy, he can cum anywhere you want, just tell me in advance, for in case he is not able to come at the moment you want a show, its always better to book in advance, so he can save up!

For prices its best to just ask or check out special offer here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


For the moment i can only offer live sex session with my friend and his cock.......

More info on

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special Offers

New!!!  Girlfriend session at one dollar a minute (0.80 eurocents)
Click here to go to my site for more information!

I will not have a price war here, but sometimes when i am really horny and have nobody to play with,or have an idea i want to try it out,  i will put down speciall offers in this section.


Monday, September 9, 2013


I have videos and pics for sale, also i make custom videos, please ask me for prices or check out my profile on extralunchmoney HERE