Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nike Air Max Double Penetration Dildo

In this clip i am wearing my white nike air max classics,white socks, a short denim shorts and my nike air t-shirt. I take my shorts and shirt off and starts playing with myself. I get one dildo for my pussy, and later i decide i want double penetration so i get another dildo for my ass. I suck my pussy dildo and tell you how nice it tastes.Finally i fuck myself  anally to an orgasm and tell you we will cum together.

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POV blowjob smoke blowing

I am wearing my black knee high boots and a red fishnet dress. I am smoking a marlboro red 100 and give you a blowjob. I blow out the smoke on your cock while havong it in my mouth, i exhale the smoke out of my nose while having your cock in my mouth or just blow it right on it. I talk dirty and make you end cumming in my mouth once the cigarette is gone.
MP4 9:44 minutes 720p

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I want to pee my jeans! Desperation video

Desperation video of Dutch Claudia.

I have been desperate to pee, so i run to the toilet , pull down my jeans and sit down. I am saying i have hold it for hours, and really must go pee now.Then i think..i like to pee my jeans. So i stand up, zip up my jeans again, and go standing facing the camara. I cross my leggs and tell that i hold it up so long that it gets hard to pee. Then i let go, and i wet myself. I show you the back of me when i finished, and i tell you that i will pee my pants more often!

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 I want to pee my jeans!

Desperate,desperation,pee,peeing, i love all these topics and do not mind to receive clip ideas, or if it is another fetish then pee, for ideas or custom video,just send me an email to

Thursday, February 26, 2015

POV Dirty Gagging On Dildo (Full HD MP4 and WMV)

POV Topless dildo deep throat gagging wearing red lipstick. In this video i  am deep throating and hold the dildo in he back of my throat so long that i really really gag...and my stomach content comes up a few times and you can see me puking. Lots of spit and slime and sloppy. I tell you at the end that i love you to cum in my mouth!
Dirty Gagging (Full HD) (MP4)
Full HD MP4 1080p (9:05 min)
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POV Topless Dildo tiefe Kehle Würgen tragen rote Lippenstift. In diesem Video bin ich tief in die Kehle und halten Sie den Dildo in er Rückseite meiner Kehle so lange, dass ich wirklich wirklich würgen ... und mein Mageninhalt kommt ein paar Mal und Sie sehen mich kotzen. Viele Spucke und Schleim und schlampig. Ich sage Ihnen am Ende, die ich liebe dich in meinem Mund cum!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Desperation Pee in Kitchen, Full HD MP4 and WMV

In this video i am naked in my kitchen and i am making a cup of tea. I need to pee but i want to finish my tea also. While i am waiting for the water to boil i jump around and cross my legs trying to hold it up. I continue shaking my ass and jumping while i finish making my tea. Then i just can not hold it anymore and spread my legs and just let it go and feel the warm urine sliding past my legs untill i am standing in a puddle of pee. What a relieve..i leave with my tea feeling happy as if nothing happend.

Full HD MP4 1080p (3:08 min)

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 Desperation Pee Kitchen

Desperation Pee in Kitchen(FullHD) (WMV)

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Full HD WMV 1080p (3:08 Ich bin nackt in meiner Küche und ich mache eine Tasse Tee. Ich brauche , um zu pinkeln , aber ich möchte meinen Tee auch zu beenden. Während ich warte auf das Wasser zum Kochen i springen um und kreuze meine Beine versuchen, sie aufrecht zu halten. Ich weiterhin schüttelte meinen Arsch und springen , während ich fertig , meinen Tee. Dann kann ich einfach nicht mehr halten und spreizte meine Beine und lass es einfach gehen und fühlen Sie den warmen Urin vorbeigleiten meine Beine bis ich bin in einer Pfütze von pee stehen . Was für ein relieve..i Urlaub mit meinem Tee Gefühl glücklich , als wäre nichts passiert .

Desperation Pee in Kitchen(FullHD) (WMV)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My new Hitachi Magic Wand arrived!

Oh yeahh...i am so happy! I feel like a little girl at christmas having the presents she asked for! I have already played with it, and ofcourse recorded it so soon it will be available in my clipstore. I squirted a few times, and i loved it! So from now on you can get a skype session with me squirting! Also i got a new webcam, the logitech C920, wich gives a perfect image! So, good quality webcam, good internet, proper lighting and me with my toys! Lets have fun and fuck eachother brains out and cum together!
The picture below is me with my hitachi, and taken with my logitech C920...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dirty Nike Air Max in Shower (WMV)

Dirty Nike Air Max in Shower. I am naked and show you my sneakers. They are very dirty and i need to wash them. So i am standing and jumping in the shower water. I fill them up completely and you can see the water coming out of the shoelace holes.  WMV 1280 X 720 (6:07 min)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

New Nike Air Max Double Penetration Clip (MP4)

New Nike Air Max Double Penetration. I am wearing my adidas sweatpants and black top, and ofcourse my black nike air max classics. Today my new air max 90 has arrived and i am excited! I get them out of the box and lick and stroke them. I ask you if i should get naked and i do ,while i take my classics of i give them a loving lick aswell. I put on my new sneakers and i love them so much. I show myself from behind and side.Then i sit on the sofa with legs open and nikes on the sofa aswell. I start fucking my pussy with the vibrator and i ask if we should go double. First i lick the vibrator and taste my own pussy. I get doggystyle and ask you to fuck my ass. I put the dildo in my ass and my vibrator in my pussy and i go sit on them while i enjoy getting fucked and stroking my nikes.I moan hard and i almost am cumming then i turn around with the fake cocks still inside. I spread my legs and fuck my pussy a bit more after i took the dildo out of my ass. I lick my pussy wet again and start fucking my ass again while rubbing my clit. i lick of my fingers again because i like the taste of my own pussy. I show my nikes holding them high and near the camara.
MP4  640 X 480 (10:19)

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I really love my air max.. and i am really sad since i know i can not buy any aix BW classics anymore. I like the air max 90, but they are not as horny as the classics... at least my preference lays with the classics. If you have a clip idea or a special request for your personalized fetish clip with my air max classics BW or air max 90, please just email me or skype me. If you like a skype sneaker fetish session with me, i love cam2cam and always turn on my audio so you can hear me, and you may show yourself on cam,but also if you leave your cam off i will enjoy, and talk to me or just chat, then check out my information by clicking on my personal website: CLAUDIAWEBCAM.COM

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shower Play (MP4)

Shower Play. Hairwashing, backscrub,tit play, blowjob, fuck. I wait untill the water is at good temperature, and i wash my hair. He gets in after i have rinsed my hair. We touch eachother and he plays with my wet hair. He gets the soap and washes my body while i do a quik shave so i havent got any pinching hairs.He scrubs my back while i wiggle my ass on his dick making him hard. I receive a small shoulder massage and his dick gets harder. I turn around and play with his cock and we start kissing and licking.He gets more soap on me and rubs my boobs gently while i stroke his dick.I put my head down and suck his cock while warm water enters my mouth and helps giving a great bj. I lift up one legg while he puts his cock in my pussy and fucks me and cums inside me. I then wash my hair with conditioner and wash him with some soap. I get the conditioner out my hair and i take of the shower head so i can wash out the sperm of my pussy.Ofcourse after i dry the walls of the shower so i have less cleaning work later.

MP4  HD  1280 X 720  (22.19 min)

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nike Air Max Classics BW Fetish Creampie Clip

nike air max classics BW sneaker fetish clips
Nike Air Max Creampie. After i have been fucked doggystyle and filled up with his sperm i show my nikes and pussy. I finger my pussy and the sperm runs out of my pussy.I put the sperm on my sneaker and take the sneaker of and lick of the cum..

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Custom made Vore Fetish Clips

I make custom fetish clips, and this one was for someone who is into vore and giantess. I am a escort and i have my client waiting naked in the bedroom. I thank him for choosing me for the deadly service, in wich i can crush him or eat him after i have shrunken him. I show him the cheese i have, and the bottom of my foot. He can choose how he will die. He chooses to be eaten, wich i apreciate because i am very hungry! To make him die like a happy man, i will make him cum, so i ride his dick. He does not take long to cum, and i shrink him. I put him between 2 slices of cheese and start eating. I start at his feet and go up, so he suffers a lot of pain untill his death. After i have eaten him i get up and seek my next customer.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Carrot fuck in pussy and ass

In this video of 4 and a half minute i play with a big carrot and fuck my pussy and rub my clit. Then i can not resist and i fuck myself anal.
When i fuck my ass hard i smell something....and when i take a look at the carrot before i continue.....well...its full of .....

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blowjob, cowgirl and speculum.

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Friday, July 11, 2014


I love getting tied up with ropes. When i see the rope , my pussy gets so wet, its like a waterfall.

When i have my cam partner with me for couple sex sessions, you can also choose bondage and soft sm and tickling!

He can fuck my mouth,while pulling my hair so his dick disapears in the back of my troath, gagging and tears coming out of my eyes...but i love it!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Deutsch cam sex

Geiles Abspritzen mit niederländischen Nocken Mädchen auf skype. Dildo und Fingersatz, Anal-und Doppelpenetration . Ich habe auch einen Jungen für eine große Live-Show mit vielen Möglichkeitenken.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paypal solution for webcam sex and couple show

I have so many request for payments via paypal, i have found a solution that works for me right now so you can get a webcam session thru skype with me without any problems.

You can buy with paypal a paysafecard and then use the paysafecard to make payment on, wich is a payment processor i use since a while, and with whom i am very happy.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014


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Thursday, May 8, 2014


You can also pay with paxum from now on. It is an adultfriendly Ewallet, you can find more information on their site here

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Now the Dutch people can also pay with ING, soon i am also able to accept paxum, it will be anounced on my blog and site as soon as it is possible to use!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Panties for sale

Kitty checked by

Apart from buying custom made videos and picture sets, i also sell panties...if it turns you on to have my worn panties or g-string and be able to smell my pussy wet, then just tell me what you would like, how many days it has to be worn, and i will send you discrete the panties of your desire.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am trying to figure out more about how to satisfy the requests i get with fetishes…..ofcourse there are some fetishes of wich i will not even think about of doing it on purpose, like vomiting for example.I have experience with feet,sneakers,stockings, smoke,tongue, wet look, leather look, desperation, pee and also taboo role play i do not mind if it does not give legal problems …… the non experienced fetishes for me, well, that is just too much to sum up, but i am interested in people with Klismaphilia fetish and Menophilia, as i am always extra horny while having my period and not ashamed to have sex while having my time of the month!

As it is an adventure for me to learn more about what i like also, i would love to just hear about  your fantasy´s wich are not to gross like vomiting etcetera……. if we do not discuss it, we will never know if we can help each other! I have learned that i am in to bondage and BDSM myself, and you might say i am loving menophilia, but that’s because of my hormones but i would love to please you! Who knows what else i will like, things i would have never thought about, or realize that i am in to more fetishes then i could have imagined, so please tell me yours and maybe we can have fun together in a way you would have never dared to dream of!

And here is just for fun, when i read it i was smiling, its Ursusagalmatophilia, and i believe the picture explains why it gave me a smile on my face…..and i hope you will understand its a joke and i would never hurt any animal! But hé….the poor thing has his needs , and i gave him the first stuffed animal i could find………so he can enjoy himself!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

New cam partner, a fuckbuddy of mine who i ran in to after a few years.....

This saturday 29th of march i have my cam partner for real horny live sex on skype!!!!
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